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 Class Description

The signature offering of the CA Association of ADU Professionals, this course is designed to provide real estate professionals with an introduction to history and current status of accessory dwelling units: the market conditions that have made them desirable, current State and Local laws, as well as impacts from accessory dwelling units on specific property valuations.


Locally focused and area-specific, it includes the most  up-to-date information about current California State and municipal rules and regulations that permit or restrict ADU development. By the completion of the course a realtor will feel confident in consulting with a client or potential client about units or potential units on their property or on a property they might wish to purchase. 

Upon completion of the course and a certification exam, participants will be awarded a Certified ADU Specialist designation by the CA Association of ADU Professionals, and are eligible for listing on the organization website.  DRE Continuing Education Credits are also available (approval pending).


 Course Outline

1.    Introduction to Accessory Dwelling Units   (45 mins)  

a.    Definition
b.    Structural Differences
c.    Other names
d.    Uses 
e.    Problem Definition
f.    Healthy Communities

2.    Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units   (15 mins)

a.    Flexibility
b.    Inclusive Green Growth


3.    Zoning & Land Use Policy    (60 mins)   

a.    History of Zoning
b.    Different Zoning Distinctions
c.    Land Use Policy
d.    Inclusive Green Growth – Again


4.    Housing Shortage in California    (15 mins)


5.    California State Law    (90 mins) 

a.    History
b.    Assembly Bill 2299 and Senate Bill 1069
c.    Other Laws
d.    Current Position
e.    New Laws


6.    Local Regulations in Four Jurisdictions     (60 mins)

a.    Los Angeles City
b.    Los Angeles County
c.    Burbank
d.    Pasadena


7.    Leasing an Accessory Dwelling Unit       (15 mins)

8.    ADU Financing Options    (20 mins)

9.    Valuation of an ADU          (20 mins)

10.    Review and Q+A              (30 mins)

11.    Certification Exam           (30 mins)


Tuition just $297
Class size in limited. Advance registration required. 
Tuition includes all materials, testing, designation as a Certified ADU Specialist (upon successful completion of the course), a 12-month membership in the California Association of ADU Professionals, newsletter subscription, local legislative and field updates and a listing in our online directory.
Registration fees are non-refundable, but can be applied to a future class if your request is received via email at least 24 hours before the course begins.

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