ADUs making waves in LA

You’ve see them popping up all over Southern California – backyard cottages, tiny houses, casitas, garage conversions and more – known collectively as accessory dwelling units (or ADUs).

They not only offer a uniquely sustainable solution to California’s projected statewide housing shortage (a McKinsey & Co. study forecasts our state needs to add 3.5 million new housing units over the next seven years); ADUs also represent an increasingly lucrative opportunity for home buyers and sellers to maximize the price and long-term value of their property.

And the trend is only getting hotter.

In 2017, a California state law went into effect that forced cities to relax their regulations around ADUs, including easing restrictions on permitting, parking requirements, setbacks and more.

Since then, building permits for ADUs throughout the state have surged dramatically, with Los Angeles leading the way, with ADU permits comprising a whopping one fifth of permits issued for all homes at the end of last year.

Figures aren't yet available for 2019, but you can bet that number is only going to grow. And that means huge potential for home buyers and sellers.