one thing is not like the other

One of the most confusing aspects of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit is the web of different rules for different places.

In 2016, when the state initially passed AB1069 and AB2299, forcing all jurisdictions throughout the State of California to permit Accessory Dwelling Units, it left some control to local jurisdictions and municipalities. The consequence of this local leeway has led to confusion and lack of standards for development.

For example, in Altadena which falls under Los Angeles County rules, you can build an ADU on the vacant part of your single family home lot, while just down the street in Pasadena, on the same size lot, you can't. The City of Pasadena has enacted stricter lot size provisions.

Have a three-car 650-square foot garage in Burbank that you want to convert into an Accessory Dwelling Unit? You can’t. Burbank's maximum size allowed for an ADU is 500 square feet.

What is the solution?

The California State Legislature has introduced new bills to try to standardize development rules throughout the state. SB-13 and AB69 if passed would establish standard rules. We urge you to contact

your local representative in both the State Senate and State Assembly to make Accessory Dwelling units easier to develop and more beneficial.