You have to know the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be confusing. They have a confusing name with over sixty-five synonyms, but more importantly the rules of legal ADUs are confusing as well. At California Association of ADU Professionals, " knowledge is power" is more than a cliche.

It's one of our founding principles.

Why is it so important to know the rules?

Even the planners at many local jurisdictions don’t know the exact rules. Forewarned is forearmed so when you or a client go to regional planning, it helps to print out the law that applies to your particular situation so that you can show the planner.

How do you know which law or even if the law applies in your situation? There are three 2017 state laws that are very important, four 2019 state laws that will override local ordinances and then those tedious local ordinances- so you are right to be confused.

However, as a certified ADU Specialist, you'll know which rules to use.

A brief case study: A young homeowner in Pasadena wanted to build an ADU for extra rental income. He called several professionals for quotes. Some told him to maximize his potential and build up to 800 square foot unit.

However, one professional knew that at 6,000 square feet, his lot was too small under Pasadena’s minimum lot size restrictions to build an ADU of that size. But...that same professional also knew that upcoming changes to the state law would enable him to move forward with the larger ADU – if he timed it right.

Knowing the local ordinances saved the homeowner expense of pursuing a plan which could not be permitted. Knowing the state laws allowed the homeowner to wait a few months and then build his dream.

Moral of the story: Become a Certified ADU specialist and learn the rules.

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